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 Welcome To The Highest Form
Of Membership For
Powerful Businesses Like Yours.

No more reacting to calendar at random times during the year. Take full control with this proactive approach. Essentially, our pre-strategy assessment will help us match the kind of events and activities with what you find most valuable for your operation. Once completed, our team will develop a customized schedule for the year along with the allocation amounts assigned. Click below to get started.


It's Time To Introduce
You To Our Network

As you are preparing your pre-marketing strategy, we want to introduce your company to our network. This is accomplished via website, social media, and digital marketing to our 26k contact database. Please feel free to upload the following: Company Logo, Leader Bios, 2-3 Headshots, and any other business related items you want us to include. For questions, please call our Business Development Coordinator at 214-943-4567 ext. 201 for assistance.

Know Someone Who Needs To Connect With The Chamber?

We are eager and excited to support their business. Talk with our team today so we can learn more about their vision or have them call our Business Development Coordinator 214-943-4567 ext. 201. Are they looking for clarity with your business? Have them talk with our Business Therapist as well to enhance their brand and business direction.

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