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About the Area

Oak Cliff is a neighborhood of Dallas south of downtown.  Oak trees and the bluffs overlooking the Trinity River gave Oak Cliff its name.  It's best known for rolling hills, mature trees, spectacular views of downtown, and historic and culturally diverse neighborhoods such as Winnetka Heights and Kessler Park.


Historians generally consider the arrival of William H. Hord and his family on the west bank of the Trinity River on January 12, 1845, as the earliest settlement of what would become the city of Oak Cliff.  The name Oak Cliff originated in 1887 from developers Thomas L. Marsalis and John S. Armstrong.

The area that is now the Dallas Zoo was originally developed by Marsalis to promote Oak Cliff as a vacation resort.  Oak Cliff was incorporated in 1890 with a population of 2,470 and was annexed into Dallas in 1903.  The neighborhood's most infamous moment occurred on November 22, 1963, when resident Lee Harvey Oswald, having just assassinated President Kennedy in downtown Dallas, crossed the Trinity River into Oak Cliff on the Houston Street Viaduct, shot Officer J.D. Tippitt, and was captured at the Texas Theatre on Jefferson Boulevard.

(Just a few of Oak Cliff's many colorful characters: Bonnie & Clyde, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Lee Harvey Oswald)

Oak CliffBoundaries of Oak Cliff

Everything Southwest of the Trinity River and inside the City limits.

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  • Population: 210,827
  • Median Age: 25.8 to 33.1
  • Median Household Size: 2.68 to 3.61
  • Median Household Income: $24,960 to $36,869
  • Top Employers: Methodist Hospital, Renaissance Hospital, Oak Farms Dairy, TXU Corp, AT&T

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  • Current Weather Conditions>>
  • Average Temp. in January: 33.3-55.5 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Average Temp. in July: 72.3-95.7 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Annual Precipitation: 38.69 inches

Other Amenities:


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